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FILATOV B. S. Creation and activity of informal organizations in Sumy region in 1987–1991

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   Scientific research on the problems of the creation and operation of informal societies in Sumy region is almost absent. The first, who is interested in the activity of "informal" organizations in the Ukrainian SSR during the restructuring years, can be considered state journalists and alternative press. The scientific study of the process of the creation of informal organizations, its comprehension both at theoretical and at the concrete historical level began in 1991.
   Non-formal organizations in Sumy are divided into 2 types: cultural, as an example of the "Heritage" society, and political parties - "Memorial", "Union for facilitating restructuring". Cultural tendencies of the organization prevailed in 1987-1988, since 1989 the predominance goes to non-formal organizations of political orientation.
   The article analyzes and studies the specifics of the formation and operation of informal societies on the territory of the Sumy region during the restructuring years (1986-1990). The research begins in 1987, with the advent of the first informal organization in Sumy, the "Heritage" artistic ethnographic society, which was founded in April 1987. The socio-political causes of the emergence of societies such as the artistic and ethnographic society " Heritage, the Ukrainian language Prosvita, Union for the Promotion of Perestroika, the Historical and Educational Society Memorial, the "Initiative" club, etc. are highlighted. In the article, we examine the tendencies of formation of informal organizations, their program tasks are considered evolution. The article outlines the main stages of the socio-political activity of the leaders of the informal societies, in particular Oleksandr Kobilyakov, head of the Mysl club, Oleksii Shevchenko, the head of the "Heritage" society, Victor Kosban, the head of the "Education" society, and Volodymyr Mayboroda, leader of the Union for the Promotion of Perestroika.
   The forms and methods of struggle of informal societies for the formation of independence of the Ukrainian state are analyzed. A systematic analysis of the dynamics of the development of relations of power with informal societies in the Sumy region during the years of Perestroika was carried out. An attempt was made to provide a comprehensive coverage of the problem.
   Key words: Society «Prosvita», philosophical society «Mysl», «Union for the Promotion of Perestroika», club «Initiative», art-lore association «Heritage».