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BAKALETS O. A. Counting and money circulation in Podillia principality in the second half of the XIV century

ZVARYCH R. V. Legal proceedings of Kolomyia district court in the context of national policy of the Second Polish Republic in the twenty years of the twentieth century

ZOLA N. V. Historical literature on the ecumenical activity of hierarchy of the Greek Catholic Church in the interwar period

KASIANOVA N. M. Social adaptation and integration of organized displaced population in the Ukrainian SSR (1940-60-ies)

MOROZOV S. O. First elections to the European Parliament based on the direct general voting in 1979         

RILOV R. O. Specifics of the Nicaean Empire state development

SHKOLNA O. V. Radziwill family’s manufactures of art glass and mirrors in XVIII – XIX centures in the territory of Belarus and Ukraine 

BAZYL S. M. Scientific activity of the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Fibre Crops (1951 – 1960) 

BONDARETS M. V. Definition variability of the category «civilization» in materialistic approach of historical research

DEMUZ I. O. Public-scientific societies as an inseparable composition of scientific space of Ukraine   

ZAREMSKYI M. Y. Experience of V. Wundt psychological laboratory in Y. Kolubovsky’s receptions           

KUZNIETSOV P. V. Reconstruction of chemical and technological education in Kharkiv technological institute (1917 – 1930)

BIELASHOV V. I., BAKALETS O. A., KLIUIEV A. M. Coins and things treasures of Hlukhiv monastery of Saint Peter and Paul (the second half of XVII – XVIII centuries)

BROVKO A. G. The honorary trustee of Mryn Ludmiliv women school P. S. Korobka

KOMLYKOVA H. I. Historical aspects of tobacco industry development in Sumy regoin

SKLYAR V. M. Ethnic and language structure of Hlukhiv city population at the beginning of XXI century   

HYRYCH Ya. M. Historical exploration of Hlukhiv male gymnasium lecturer V. A. Malchenko about the history of an ancient Rus and the revolutionary movement in Germany

HYRYCH Ya. M. Materials to biographical dictionary «Scientific and pedagogical staff of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University, 1952 – 1991» (letter «П, Р, Т, У, Ф, Ц, Ч, Я»)

Hlukhiv teacher institute in 1905/1906 and 1906/1907 academic years: memorandums, protocols of sessions of the pedagogical council [publisher – Hyrych Ya.M.]

KRYZHANIVSKYI V. M. Vassyl Andriovych Malchenko and his memories about Hlukhiv and citizens of one in 1870 – 1930-s

KRYZHANIVSKYI V. M. Materials to biographical dictionary «Scientific and pedagogical staff of Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University, 1952 – 1991» (letter «С, Ш, Х, Ю»)

BAKALETS O. A. The ІV International scientific-practical conference «Bar land of Podillia: European heritage and prospects of constant development»

SHAUCHUK I. I. Documentary publication on the history of the organization of academic science of Belarus in the interwar period

CHUMACHENKO O. A. The formation of a European Security and Defence Policy and the first EU missions in the Western Balkans

The 60-th anniversary of F. M. Medvid