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HULA R. V., VITRYNSKA O. V. Cyber-Israel Defense Forces against Cyber-Jihad

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   Authors have analyzed features of information opposition in the globalized world in the conditions of essentially new transformational changes in a postmodern paradigm. The significant role of virtual society, a blogosphere of in formation of collective and individual identification of a person and a group are revealed. Essentially, new lines of functioning of virtual society as new forms of society in the conditions of processes of globalization and modernization of society are investigated.
   The attempt of disclosure of a retrospective, origin, development and functioning of special forces of cyber defense of the State of Israel during opposition with a complex of information threats from the countries enemies and the organizations of the extremist and terrorist direction is made.
   Features of the Arab-Israeli information opposition in a cyber-space are marked out. The structure of authorities of Israel which are engaged in conducting information war and their tasks in the conditions of transformation of views of the military-political management for a role and the place of cyber-troops in the system of national defense is analyzed. The specifics of training of specialists military ІТ spheres are analyzed. Features of application of an information and psychological and information and technical component in creation of structure of cyber-defense of the State of Israel are defined.
   Creation of new model of cyber-defense of the State of Israel has been based on use of system approach to questions of information and psychological and information and technical opposition; coordination of activity of public institutions and political institutes in the organization of system of cyberdefense; attraction of a public segment in work of government institutions for the purpose of protection of national interests in a cyber-space. Signs of the present stage of opposition in the sphere of cyber-attacks and cyber defense are investigated.
   Characteristics of cyber-jihad and its advantage which are provided for his carrying out by the Internet are analyzed. The role of a religious factor in use of human resources in the organization of cyber-attacks and cyber-aggression in local a segment and the direction of hacker activity on a complex of objects of the state and private property in the State of Israel her information and communication system is investigated.
   Keywords: cyber-defense, cyber-attack, information confrontation, information war, social and communication technology, Jihad.