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MARIEYEV D. A., LUCHKINA L.V. Evolution of approaches to study the dynamics of Ukrainian subdialects in domestic and foreign dialectology (XX – the beginning of the XXI centuries).

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   The formation of the Ukrainian dialectological thought takes place between the second half o f the eighteenth and the beginning of the nineteenth centuries. However, only from the middle of the nineteenth century the foundations o f scientific research o f Ukrainian dialects were developed. Although language transformations were still beyond the scope o f scientific studies, some ideas about dynamism were formed.
   The understanding o f the variability o f the range o f dialect phenomena appeared in the first decades o f the twentieth century, when the study o f dialects was carried out with the use of elements of the comparative historical method and linguistic geography.
   A significant interest in the problem o f the evolution o f dialectal speech arose in the middle o f the twentieth century, when the empirical basis for the creation of the «Atlas of the Ukrainian Language» was formed.
   In the second half o f the twentieth century and at the beginning of the XXI century the attempts to identify the features of the dynamics o f individual dialects become regular. In addition, a search for new methodologies for describing the evolution o f dialectal speech has been done.
   Firstly, on the basis o f limited material for the previous periods of the development o f the dialect system, the researchers compared the linguistic facts with the evidence o f written monuments o f a certain locality (works by I. Varchenko, V. Vashchenko) in order to explain the modern phonetic and morphological features. Later, the trends in the development of linguistic phenomena in Ukrainian dialects were studied in the East and West Slavic background. There were attempts to reveal the tendencies of language phenomena by comparing localized written monuments with modern processes in phonetics and morphology (G. Shylo, J. Dzendzelovsky, A. Zaleskiy). In Ukrainian dialectology, the researchers studied the dynamics o f speech as well as linguistic and geographic evidence.
   The last third of the twentieth century in Ukrainian dialectology was marked by the fact that linguogeographic works began to be published actively. Most o f them were aimed at a synchronous description o f linguistic material. However, there were attempts to determine the dynamics o f language elements.
   A significant number o f scientific studies devoted to the evolution o f dialectal speech, including those that used the method o f bi-directional mapping, have arisen only in recent decades.
   Key words: history o f development o f dialectology, dynamics o f Ukrainian dialects, evolution of elements o f the language system, linguogeography, mapping o f linguistic phenomena.