About edition

"Historical studies of social progress" is a scientific edition, up to 30 printed pages, which is published once a year. The founders of the journal are Oleksandr Dovzhenko Hlukhiv National Pedagogical University together with the National Scientific Agricultural Library of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine.

The electronic version of the scientific journal meets the latest requirements for integration into the global national science research space. Availability in resource texts and summaries in different languages ​​enables a better perception and open materials. Implementation review confirms the professional approach to the selection of articles that are original character.

History of science and technology is not only an important trend in modern historical science, but also framed as one of its scientific specialties (07.00.07 - "History of Science and Technology"). This discipline examines the evolution of scientific ideas, forms of science organization, science schools’ activities and individual scientists to play back a coherent picture of the history of science, the identification of conceptual principles and patterns of development. When forming content of each issue the materials related to topical problems of history of science and technology are preferred (the development of scientific and technological potential, laws and mechanisms of science, the factors that influence this process; historiosophy and methodological principles of science, evolution of science social functions, history of science periodization, history of science popularization, formation and development of scientific schools, the development of science forms (academies, institutes, laboratories, scientific meetings, scientific societies), the history of outstanding scientific discoveries, historical biographical academic and organizer of science).

In addition to the actual "history of science and technology", the journal has other themed headings – actual questions of the history of Ukraine, the disputed issues on the Second World War history; other sections are devoted to the local history and regionalistics studios and publishing historical documents. Posts, reviews, information on scientific life are also separately placed.

This edition is intended not only for teachers, researchers and graduate students, but also can help in professional growth for teachers, local historians, librarians, journalists, and museum staff.

The editorial board of "Historical Studies of social progress" invites everyone to cooperate with our journal and offers to publish your articles!